Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kucinich to Dimora: "You are the backbone of the Democratic Party in Ohio"

This big Dimoracrat shindig happened not much more than a year ago when the Disgraced Jimmy Dimora was praised by Dennis Kucinich. The corruption probe was underway at the time. I guess we shouldn't be surprised if the FBI didn't share Dennis Kucinich's assessment of Dimora's praiseworthiness.

Kucinich used the moment to give the night's most impassioned defense of Dimora. While not acknowledging any of the scandals, Kucinich thanked Dimora for the leadership he has shown and for "keeping this organization together." He said Dimora has "principally been responsible" for the success of the party.

"You are the backbone of the Democratic Party in Ohio," Kucinich said.

Not in Cuyahoga, mind you. In Ohio.

The reason someone like Dennis Kucinich can speak with such chutzpah is that he really feels invincible, and the voters in Ohio's 10th Congressional District have given him no reason to feel otherwise. Dennis Kucinich just received the endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the same lovely paper that routinely endorsed Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo.

I'm still horribly pessimistic about the race, but I advise everyone to donate to Peter Corrigan. He's a good man, Pro-life, Conservative, and he is within the margin of error so please ignore my pessimism. Here's the link to do so. I was going to post it yesterday, but there was something wrong with the Paypal certificate. So I'm glad they fixed that.

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