Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Muslim Dances On Altar In Roman Catholic Cathedral

Via Pam G.

I'll probably be busy all day blogging about all the public apologies from Imams around the world who decry this detestable hate crime.

As someone wrote in the comments on Youtube, "Lucky for him, Christianity is truly a religion of peace."

Are you outraged yet?


  1. We are in the battle of Vienna. With fewer defenders on hand, I'm afraid.

  2. I'd like to know what to make of this story.

  3. It's so illogical to say because the modern state of Israel is not the same as the Biblical Israel they should cede territory. The claim Muslims make on the same territory is based on a fable that Mohamed rode a magical horse to heaven and Allah told him that territory was his. Also it seems like people forget that there were a lot of Jews there already when the modern nation formed.

    The full "official statement" made does not appear to be readily available yet. So I think it is a little bit premature to say a whole lot. It is just strange to me that a Lebanese-born man who had Islamists basically destroy his homeland would be leaning in that direction.