Tuesday, May 24, 2011

James Delingpole Deals With the O'Bama Blarney

Painfully funny.

Ah Bejaysus and Begorrah! Oi’ll be swearin’ boi the auld shrine to the Vorgin with the shamrocks growin’ round it next to the hill where Cuchullain slew the Great Leprechaun of Kildare on St Patrick’s Day that Barack Seamus O’Toole Flaherty Joyce O’Bama is the most Irish US president that ever set foot on the Emerald Oisle, so he is, so he is.

Except, when he’s in Africa, of course, when he disappears into the dry ice and re-emerges with a grass skirt and a bone through his nose and declares himself to be Mandingo, Prince of the Bloodline of the Bonga People, Drinker of Cattle Urine, Father of A Thousand Warrior Sons, Keeper of King Solomon’s Mines, Barehanded Slayer of Lions, Undaunted Victim of the Evil Colonial British Empire.

And in the Middle East, where he is Al-Barak Hussein Obama, Protector of the Holy Shrine, Smiter of the Kuffar, Lion of the Desert, Tent-Loving-Aficionado-of-the-Oversweetened-Coffee, Chomper of Sheeps’ Eyeballs, Restorer of the Caliphate.


Keep reading it until the end. It's a can of verbal whoop-ass to say the least. Every line hits the target.


  1. Any post that mentions Cuchulain is pretty darned cool.

    As usual, it was my kids who told me about Cuchulain. They're the ones who bring me up to speed on just about everything.

    Teenagers are fun to have around. Informative, too.

  2. My good Pauli,

    As Delingpole also illustrates quite well, I myself find the most apt archtype of our President Obama to be, not some socialist or ill-conceived Kenyan anti-colonialist, but rather Woody Allen's winsome shape-shifter, the iconic Leonard Zelig.

    If you have not seen this perceptive and now painfully prescient film before, you owe it to your conceptual vocabulary.