Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The mask slips again

We don't belong to the government. Honestly, how wrongheaded, how un-American, how statist is this concept? I'm a citizen of this country, I'm a resident of this state, of my town. So, what -- do I belong to the federal government? Or just maybe two-thirds of me and state & local owns the other third? This is a statement truly worthy of ridicule.

So let's review. First, they tell us we're racists because we don't like their ideas. Was Karl Marx black? Lenin? Ted Kennedy? Harry Reid? Didn't think so.

Then Obama says "You didn't build that!" Meaning our businesses, our careers, our projects. Stuff the government could never have conceived on it's own anymore than a computer can turn itself on and start composing the 9th Symphony.

Now we have this smarmy, didactic voice asserting that "gee, whiz, we ALL belong to the government! That's what we have in common, don't you know! Because we have to have multiculturalism and our own favorite coffee shops and sports teams. So what, oh what, pray tell, shall unite us? THE GOVERNMENT! We belong to it!"

Unfortunately we are going to hear even sillier things from the Obama campaign, and I doubt they will stop even if Romney and Ryan win. Romney kills people with cancer, Ryan wants to push your grandma off a cliff and then we'll all party while black people drown. Because we like that kind of thing....

Hey, just found this on Facebook. Now this is more like it:

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