Monday, September 3, 2012

Here we go again!

"Meet George and Harold..."

Uh, not that I APPROVE of such gross potty humor (cough, cough). Although I did point out that the pear in the painting at Panera looked like it had butt cheeks. (Well it did!) Then two of my kids recited this entire rap. I'm not sure everyone in Panera appreciated the performance. That place really has gotten less crowded since our mostly prepubescent male family started eating a Sunday brunch there, though.

I've only read three of the infamous Dav Pilkey's books, so I'm not an expert. The plots are generally less fantastic than the contrivance behind the Bourne Legacy, a film I thoroughly enjoyed despite the lack of any villains as dangerous as Talking Toilets or Professor Poopypants.

Just so you know for future reference, if you snap your fingers around Mr. Krupp, the mean school principal, he turns into Captain Underpants. But if you throw water on Captain Underpants's head he reverts to Mr. Krupp. The principal seemingly has no idea of the existence of his much cooler alter-ego who wears a window curtain as a cape and has no use for the principal's cheap toupée.

One more thing: Remember that Professor Poopypants changed his name to Tippy Tinkletrousers so people would stop making fun of him.

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