Friday, February 1, 2013

T. L. Davis: The Barrel Will Be Hot

I've warmed up to the blogging of T. L. Davis, TL In Exile. His message is urgent and resolute, and yet never crosses over into wild-eyed Alex Jones territory. I would call him clear-eyed rather than wild-eyed, and he's written several books, so his message is delivered with precision and succinctness. I've purchased The Constitutionalist on Kindle and look forward to reading it.

Here are some excerpts from his latest post, The Barrel Will Be Hot.

The federal government, particularly Barack Obama and Eric Holder might want to pay attention here. They are losing the PR battle when it comes to the Second Amendment. Instead of making the supporters of the Second Amendment look like nuts who just want to kill people, they are convincing the other half of the nation that the government is full of nuts who just want to kill people.

It wasn't so long ago when those of us in the patriot/liberty community spoke about resistance we were shrugged off. When we spoke of unconstitutional laws we were ignored. When we called out the President and the Attorney General as Marxists who wanted to disarm the American people to force their collectivist policies on people we were shouted down as unreasonable and delusional.

That isn't happening now. People are reading stories of excessive laws like those which have ensnared Nathan Haddad and Keith Pantaleon and recognize that something is wrong. When Chicago produces a higher body count than Afghanistan day in and day out with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, the charge that more gun restrictions will lead to safety fall on ever more deaf ears.

The traitorous media refuses to print the daily instances where guns have saved lives and it rises to the millions in a given year. In Atlanta a student shot a 14-year-old at a middle school before an armed volunteer overpowered him. Not the police, somebody at the scene. A Sandy Hook was averted by the presence of a gun in a school and it just slipped by unnoticed except on the Drudge Report and The Blaze.

The equal division of the nation's people is being forged by the Obama Administration and I would like to think it was an error in judgment on the part of the President, but I have seen too many instances where division and strife were exactly what he wanted to achieve. So he has his divided society between "rednecks" and sycophantic liberals. He has driven a wedge between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.

This last is an astute observation. That's why we can't start flipping out in our actions or our rhetoric. That would be handing political ammunition to the gun control crowd. And just because most of the mass killers of recent times have been on the left, that doesn't mean people on our side can't flip out and do something horrible. And lately I've been worrying about some of the "open carry" proponents; they seem to more concerned about making a point than self-defense as I've noted before.

We are there and we are ready to fight, because we are ready to die. The people know deep down that these threats to regulate, register and confiscate our weapons is the last item on the agenda leading to absolute despotism. They are the prelude to everything our fighting men have died to oppose over the past centuries. There is something just un-American about it and they can't stomach it.

Mr. Davis is eloquent and I think the readers here would appreciate him. We're all in exile, by the way, in case any of you have forgotten.

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