Friday, May 10, 2013

This tune was in my head this morning

So allow me to put it into yours.


  1. Oh. Yeah.

    (I just time-traveled back to being a junior in high school listening to this via my buddy's home-built Heathkit receiver. Much Air Guitar and Air-Hammond-Organ.)

    Speaking of Hammond Organ, Jon Lord was simply genius. And that sound is something we've missed in rock-n-roll for many years.

    Here's my fave --- great vid of "Lazy" played live on the 1972 tour (comments are NSFW, as you might expect). They sure were one tight blues band.

  2. Love the line "If your drowning you don't clutch no straw, no."

    Another great song "Getting Tighter".

    Also, funny line from my 7-year old when he heard the first few measures of "Smoke on the Water": "THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER!!"