Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well, we're all happy

I couldn't believe the news when I heard it this morning. And I was happy, obviously, we all thought these women were long gone. But immediately I thought "Does this say something about law enforcement around here?"

Charles Ramsey seems like a great guy, and a good guy. But why does he go racial at the end? They should have cut that. Irritating. My kids aren't afraid of people with dark skin, and they're as white as Edgar Winter.


  1. The racial thing was OK by me. He didn't mean anything by it IMO (he certainly isn't playing a victim, or complaining about it). Just stating his reaction and what he thought when the girl ran to him. I'm good with it -- he's a hero.

    We don't have to ignore the fact that God's people are of different races, in order to be racially fair. It is part of who we are, and if we pretend otherwise, we get over-sensitive. For example.

  2. Yeah, of course you're right. Racial stuff aside, this guy is a lot of press. He's working the "Deaaaad giveaway!" comment as a laugh line. His story as he told it throughout the day to different stations has sort of "evolved". I know that is natural; the memory is susceptible to suggestion. I'm just saying he's a good guy who showed courage and I hope it doesn't go to his head too much.

    Plus he gets points for saying testicles. I think he thought it would be crude if he said "balls" or "stones", so he proudly used the proper medical term.