Monday, July 1, 2013

View From Your Nuts

Here's the text from the Youtube page:

My "pet" gray squirrel, Crunchy.
Crunchy is sat on the bird table, munching an unsalted peanut.
He comes and goes.

Glad to see Crunchy is limiting his sodium intake.


  1. Pauli, have you considerd setting up The Est Quod Est Foundation as a 501(3)(c) non-profit to provide a tax-deductible tax shelter for your readers to support the many fine posts published in Est Quod Est such as View From Your Nuts?


    1. Holy crap, I knew you were a lawyer, Keith.

      Yeah; just set it up and send me what I need to sign and how much I owe you.

    2. Uh, sorry, I'm not a lawyer. Just pointing out how easy it is. You might want to avoid using any words like "tea party", though. IJS (no charge).


    3. I was joking, don't sweat it.

      I thought it would be funny to apply for a 5013c for an organization named something like "F*ck the IRS" just to see what would happen.