Thursday, September 12, 2013

Giron blames loss on voter supression

Tammy Bruce gets the H/T. Voter suppression is the new bogeyman of the left. Ms. Giron, people didn't come out to vote for you because you attempted to suppress their 2nd amendment rights!


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  1. I think it was Jonah Goldberg who said something about conservatives needing better stories, but before you can tell stories (even assuming what he says is true) you need to have control of the language in which you tell them.

    If Side A can make up or retask language to suit their ends with impunity while Side B sort of fidgets and holds their crotches as Side A reinvents the transactional currency of politics at will, guess who wins?

    The only way to stop newspeak is for conservatives to universally call it out and expose it for what it is as soon as shows itself. Once that counterfeit currency gets into circulation, like "undocumented immigrant"* or "diversity", or now "voter suppression" it's already too late.


    *Someone pointed out on a blog somewhere that an immigrant is someone who has already been legally granted that status and so is already documented. Someone who hasn't isn't yet an immigrant. So "undocumented immigrant" is really an oxymoron.