Thursday, September 12, 2013

"I have never taken a shower with Vice President Joe Biden."

Here's a funny parody: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin go on Oprah to discuss Putin's role in helping pass immigration reform. Biden's explanation of the difference between Putin and Obama:

Look, Oprah, there’s little doubt President Putin knows how to take care of business. Vladimir is an aggressive alpha male who kicks ass without bothering to take names. On the other hand, President Obama is an affable man of refined tastes and a contemplative nature. He’s a much sought after daytime talk show guest and he gives a damn good speech. But when it comes to diplomacy, working with congress or making important decisions, President Obama’s moxie-muscle isn’t as strong and taut as his Russian counterpart. I for one applaud President Obama’s willingness to put aside what’s left of his dignity and self respect by asking President Putin to tackle our immigration problem. It will afford President Obama so much more time to focus on important social issues here at home like transgenders in the military, racist voter I.D. laws and providing middle-school children unrestricted access to the morning-after pill.

To phrase the distinction less wordily, it's "speak softly and carry a big stick" versus "never shut up and carry an autographed picture of Beyoncé in your wallet." Something like that.


  1. Dreher guru Andrew Sullivan: Obama actually played Putin like Machiavelli would have, only better. No, really.

    Keith: The Moon is actually like the Sun only cooler and hipper, but they don't melt your cheese like you ask for.


  2. I have also noticed, from my observations in various places in the news media, that for some reason liberals become very irritated when they are getting lectured to by Vladimir Putin.

  3. It's like they can hear the "dog whistle" subtext: "You are a useful idiot, you are a useful idiot..." every time he speaks.