Monday, January 29, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Coming off a totally lazy weekend where all I did was finish painting the living room and survived the big Bishop Bash at our church for St. Angela's feast day. I have some reflections on embarrassment which I'll post later.

In other news, Cubeland Mystic is leaving the blogosphere to pursue fiction writing. So we wish him good luck, even though we'll miss him.

The most important thing going on tonight next to dinner & a six-pack and kissing your kids will be 24, of course. Here's a piece I did on the supporting actors sounding off on the Season 5 bonus DVD. So my weekend wasn't completely wasted. BTW, I upgraded the Shuttlecock blog to the new blogger and it really was practically seamless -- I was impressed.


  1. Hey, Pauli, you lazy dog, you--you're welcome to come lazily paint our living room any time you want. It still bears the scars of the Toddler Era--and the toddlers are now ages 12 and 14. :)

  2. Don't you people also have giant cockroaches the size of small children down there?

  3. Only three seasons of the year. In the dead of winter, when they come in out of the cold and feast on the sticky stuff that has formed around the neck of the karo-syrup bottle, they have usually reached the approximate size of a La-Z-Boy armchair.