Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's in a Name?

Cubeland Mystic makes a good suggestion, that I actually name this blog. I jokingly replied that I name it at least once a day, but of course he means that I really give it a permanent name. Someone else thought the endless naming was a "hoot" -- that probably gave away who it was.

For about a week now, though it seems longer, my 2-year-old is going through a phase where he insists on being called "Pepito". That's the name of the little trouble-making Spanish character from the Madeline books. I can feel the collective sigh from all the mom readers and hear the "Awww, how cute!" Yes, it was extremely cute... at first. I have to admit that it's getting irritating, especially when he drags it out like a red herring whenever I accidentally use his given name as he's being lectured for doing something worthy of his nicknamesake.

Likewise my name-changing shtick is no doubt getting irritating to some. It's probably an egregious infraction of the unwritten blogging code of ethics and a textbook example of poor database management. I could name it Contra Pauli, that is the address after all. (I originally wanted to get "contramundum", but both the Blogspot address and the Dotcom were taken. I tried yet couldn't get hold of the Blogspot owner -- he abandoned it like a rusted out VW Microbus back in '02.)

So I'm open to suggestions on what to name this humble blog in this combox. At the moment, I'd rather not name it "Pepito" but just about anything else is fair game as a suggestion. Or you may want to vote that I keep doing my shtick rather than trying to make something stick. Either way I'll be shticking around at


  1. "Ours go to Eleven" was nice. Then again, I'm one of the guys who voted for more stories about bald women.

  2. "Scourging At the Pillar"
    I will try to think of others.

    You're a good blogger, and I hope you are successful. The reason I think it is a good idea for you to have a name is as the word gets out people will want a name to cite. So far the format is very interesting to me. By election time perhaps it will become a blogging standard. Take it seriously and everyone else will.

  3. I dig the schtick. I look forward to firing up my RSS reader every day to see what you've come up with for that day.

    But if you must stick with one, perhaps this:

    [i]My Name is Legion.[/i]

  4. I too enjoy the daily changes to the title. I'd rather the title constantly changed. I especially like semi-famous movie quotes. Some suggestions for upcoming days:

    "My lips hurt real bad!"

    "I find your lack of faith... disturbing."

    "Why do I hafta be Mr. Pink?"

    and of course:

    "Have a good time all the time."
    (somewhat nicely ironically paralleling the spirit of "Catholic And Enjoying It!")

  5. By the way, there IS a radtrad site that I sometimes frequent called "Athanasius Contra Mundum." Thought you might be interested to know.

  6. "No shirt. No shoes. NO DICE!"


    "Hey bud, let's party!"