Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ave Maria, Fla.

Here's a piece about Tom Monaghan, Ave Maria, Fla., and some silly people and lawyers who have some kind of problem with him/it.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida and other groups have criticized Monaghan for what they say is his attempt to impose his conservative religious ideology on residents.

"This is not a debate about whether people who are of similar religious or ethnic or racial background have a right to live in the same community," said Howard Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida.

I say it's America and multi-millionaires can do whatever they want. Besides, I don't remember the ACLU or any other liberal frowning clowns getting upset about Donald Trump building monuments to sin and decadence in Vegas. Maybe I have a bad memory.


  1. One would think the ACLU would be all in favor of Tom Monaghan and those of like mind using their Constitutionally-protected Freedom of Association to set up such a community.

    That is, if the ACLU had any intellectual coherency or honesty left. But they demonstrated that such is absent in the gay Boy Scout leader case.

  2. The ACLU has a leftist agenda, plain and simple. The incoherence starts with their name. What's funny to me is their abrupt disclaimer about "similar backgrounds".

    The problem for the leftist groups is that there are no laws being broken at Ave Maria. Watch out for mole hills becoming mountains in the near future, just like that non-story about Fr. Fessio that the SCCB broke into hives over. We can expect to hear about it if someone forgets to apply for an elevator permit or if a non-Catholic slips on a set of dropped Rosary beads.

  3. But you can bet that the ACLU will trot out the old tired warhorse of how they defended the Nazis in the Skokie IL parade 25 years ago, to show how they are not leftist ideologues.

    As if they've done anything other than what the left wants since then.

  4. It is not that they defended the Nazis which bothers me, it is the way they did it. Their attitude directed towards the people of Skokie was "Those Nazis are coming through Skokie whether you like it or not." That along with the steamroll approach they used against the people of Skokie caused many people to turn against the ACLU. After that case they lost 30,000 members. When the ACLUE displays this attitude towards Christians it can eventually backfire on them.