Thursday, February 7, 2008

A lol-Kitler for Jonah Goldberg

Here's a little interesting Pauli insider tidbit: this site gets hit almost daily by the search term "Kitler", owing to a post I did last year on the site dedicated to cats which resemble Hitler. Other search terms helping avid Googlers discover this humble blog are prayer for bad dreams, john mccain weak points and bald women.

More recently I've been fascinated by the whole lolcat thing; I enjoy twisted annoying humor which is made all the more intriguing to a geek like me by the close association to "internet culture" which enables it to thrive, possibly to merely exist. Remixes of the Howard Dean scream, plethoric parody sites, dollar bill tracking -- all this stuff to me unveils the beauty of the creativity of the human mind. (Yes, the ugliness is there too, and I'm sure you would know how to find it, but don't go there, 'K?)

So I was reading a post on the LF blog regarding More Amazon Chicanery and suddenly I was held at gun-point by the Muses, figuratively speaking. I immediately felt compelled to practice my new-found dialect of lolcat to produce this one in honor of Jonah's first book.

Currently I'm still in the Mussolini section of the book, having gotten caught up in some other reading, as well as inhaling a lot of this "Pauli, you're inthane!" stuff on the woodwork of my newly-constructed basement office.


  1. I love your blog. I also write a blog , which includes frequent reference to Kitler (my cat)

  2. Ran across this, and thought you might also enjoy our cartoon series, which happens to feature both Hitler and Mussolini as cats! It's available on YouTube:

    "Cats of Death"

    Keep up the good work!
    -- the guys at Bindledog