Monday, October 25, 2010

Have we seen enough?

Good recent article on Kucinich versus Corrigan. Here's the conclusion:

People who bought years and years of his rhetoric about profiteering insurance companies just knew he'd show Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi how a person of real integrity behaves.

Instead, he caved. He voted for a bill he had vilified as an eternal guarantor of insurance company profits.

In doing so, he finally found a way, for one brief, tarnished moment, to be relevant.

Against all predictions, he did some damage.

Repairs could begin as early as Nov. 2, but the people of Ohio's 10th Congressional District need to take a good look at themselves and their congressman.

The district still leans Democratic, but it has never, ever leaned as far to the anti-military, anti-business, capitalism-hating left as Dennis Kucinich.

On that basis, the candidate who is representative of the district is Corrigan. The oddity is the incumbent.

Emphasis mine. That is what really defies logic and baffles us all.

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