Monday, October 25, 2010

Dimora has "greatly touched the Clevland community"

Here is some more praise of Jimmy Dimora from Dennis Kucinich to go with the backbone comment. This remark was made in the United States House of Representatives. It was made back in 2001 when Dimora possibly wasn't quite as corrupt and may even have weighed under 400 pounds. Excerpt:

Commissioner Dimora is a man I hold in very high regard for he has greatly touched the Cleveland community. He has dedicated his entire life to public service and enjoys working with his constituents. He is people-oriented, kind-spirited, hard-working and dedicated to his work and community.

Mr. Speaker, please join me in honoring a very fine man and wishing him a happy birthday. Commissioner Jimmy Dimora is truly a man of the people, and has served the Cleveland community selflessly his entire life.

Har, har, har.

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