Monday, March 26, 2012


Learn something. When you overstate your case, you lose credibility. When you overstate your case, you lose authority. And often you sound desperate, like this guy, who is already sounding like an also-ran even before he trudges off the campaign trail.


  1. I love how, in order to make your case, you have to take a distortion of what Santorum was said. I know this whole primary process is an annoyance to you Romney supporters, as by all rights he should have been crowned and anointed. Pesky thing those voters, huh?

  2. Distortion? How is it not an overstatement of the case against Romney to say "we might as well stay with what we have", i.e., Obama?

    I guess Newt Gingrich is now a "Romney supporter" since he rebuked Santorum as well for his overstatement.

    And Paul, you don't know me if you think I'm annoyed by the "primary process". The person who looks and sounds annoyed at this point is Rick Santorum. In fact, he sounds angry which is a big turnoff to general election voters. Santorum's main accomplishment at this point is having generated a library of useful soundbites for the opposition.

  3. Just for the record, I will vote without hesitation for Rick Santorum over Obama. Elections are always a decision of between two imperfect candidates, there is never an ideal choice. The question is always "who should I hire for the job?" not "who agrees with me on everything, who is most like me?"

    And another thing for the record. I don't really care that Santorum said a bad word. Shit, shit, shit. Who cares. He should have called the media lying whores while he was at it. He campaign is about belly up, so might as well go balls out.

  4. if Romney had uttered a profanity Rick wouldnt stop scolding him for days and days. So suck it up, sweater vest.