Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They don't really care about the victims

Juan Williams starts off his sensible piece about the Trayvon Martin over-reaction like this:

The shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida has sparked national outrage, with civil rights leaders from San Francisco to Baltimore leading protests calling for a new investigation and the arrest of the shooter.

But what about all the other young black murder victims? Nationally, nearly half of all murder victims are black. And the overwhelming majority of those black people are killed by other black people. Where is the march for them?

Where is the march against the drug dealers who prey on young black people? Where is the march against bad schools, with their 50% dropout rate for black teenaged boys? Those failed schools are certainly guilty of creating the shameful 40% unemployment rate for black teens.

Well, it's just like the SNAP people. Bill Donohue has shown time and time again that they don't really care about the victims of child abuse. They are just going after priests. Or else SNAP would stand for Survivors Network of Abused by Perverts and they'd be targeting dozens of public school teachers in big cities like New York.

And it's the same thing with the Black Panthers and the other race-baiters trying to score points with this case. They don't care about the kid who lost his life. That kid is purely symbolic. They just want to get the honky and make an example of him. It's all about portraying the non-black as the aggressor. And you can see why a sensible black man like Williams is appalled by it.

Listen to Williams here:

The race-baiters argue this case deserves special attention because it fits the mold of white-on-black violence that fills the history books. Some have drawn a comparison to the murder of Emmett Till, a black boy who was killed in 1955 by white racists for whistling at a white woman.

The Martin case is very different from the Emmett Till case, in which a white segregationist Mississippi society approved of the murder of a black child. Black America needs to get out of the rut of replaying racial injustices of the past.

It's very different. Juan Williams is saying "stop it" to the Black Panthers and others who want to paint our society of approving of white on black violence. This Zimmerman guy seems a little trigger happy to me, and if he is found guilty and does time then I'm going to shrug and continue cutting the lawn along with most other white people. There's a huge difference between our time and 70 years ago and to ignore it is to play the white racist culture card in a deadly way. They are setting the stage for LA Riots part II if Zimmerman gets less of a sentence than the race piranhas are hoping for.

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