Monday, March 26, 2012

USPS finally getting with it

The US Post Office in my area has three new cool services that are immensely helpful to anyone with a PO Box. First of all, there's Real Mail Notification, a service that basically sends you an email if you have mail. That saves you from checking your box and having it be empty. Ever.

The second service is called Signature on File which allows you to leave a signature image on hand so you never have to actually sign for anything you get. Some people wouldn't dig this, especially those in the tin-foil hat crowd. But listen, folks, the Federal Government runs the post office and they can screw you if they want to already. So leaving them an image of your sig isn't really a big deal in my book.

The third is Street Addressing which provides for UPS and FedEx to deliver to your PO Box. So if your PO Box is 1234 and your post office is located at 567 Main Street, your street address becomes 567 Main Street, #1234. It's that simple. All on one line instead of PO Box 1234. But the old PO Box 1234 address will still work the same as always for regular mail.

These were all free to me so I signed up for all of them. They've already saved me mucho time. The USPS site has a page that talks about these here. Hopefully this will allow the USPS to lay more people off or at least get them doing something besides providing substandard window service.

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