Thursday, February 14, 2013

David Ryan to Working Boy: Shut Up

Here's a recent post near the top of the Google search for Rod Dreher by a serious boat captain guy named David Ryan. We'll do our part here to help keep it near the top. He has titled the post simply Rod Dreher needs to shut up.

He quotes Rod's musings about how he seems to be so distracted and has to blog about everything. My initial reaction to reading the first quote was thinking that there's a pretty fine line between laziness and lack of discipline; it's a distinction without much of a difference. Trust me; I know about all forms of laziness and lack of focus first-hand.

Here's Ryan's conclusion:

Rod, with as much love and charity as I can muster: You’ve identified the problem. Now stop talking and start doing.

No more trips to Paris. No more sportfishing. No more blogging. Travelocity now. Iona. Monastery.


Be quiet.

You’re welcome.

All I can add to this is "Aye, Captain."


  1. I keep thinking of Rosemarie's comment over at Mark Shea's "Haters Gonna Hate" post. She wryly drew attention to Rod's absurd notion that Pope Benedict "failed" because he didn't do exactly what Rod wanted him to do. Talk about supreme narcissism! Since when does the pope answer to Rod Dreher (who is not even Catholic anymore, so how on earth is it any of his business?)? Since when is the criterion for papal success "meeting Rod Dreher's expectations"? Good holy grief. Talk about a wildly exaggerated sense of self-importance.

    Sorry...that's niot particularly germane to this post, Pauli, but it really struck me. I think Rosemarie has totally nailed it.

  2. But Diane, this IS germane to this post in a sense. One of Rod's posts that Ryan points out speaks to his admitted need to blab all of his thoughts out on his blog. I talk about this tendency in general here and in my living out loud posts. Rod has this tendency more than most others, and it seems the only people who don't notice it are people who possess the same tendency. Shea and Erin Manning come to mind, but there are others.

    Face it: we all wish the bishops, the pope, and really anyone in authority would do certain things that they aren't doing. But usually we bite our tongues unless we think saying something will make a difference. Coming up with a new insight on a problem, or convincing someone that their lack of action is detrimental by use of persuasive rhetoric would be acceptable means when we choose to break silence. Rod's broken record approach and his reference to general "sins of omissions" just sounds like whining to anyone but his little amen corner.

    Anyway, if you do this sort of commentary thing for a living, 8+ hours a day, of course it starts impeding your ability to have a prayerful dialogue with God. And Rod has this habit so bad that difficulty in focusing the mind becomes yet another thing to blog about. That's why this blog post is so insightful.

    We all need to take this to heart during Lent, some more than others.

  3. I hope I'm not putting this in the wrong place either Pauli but these two posts back to back say everything there is to say about this chatty little worm:

    "Who gives a rat’s ass about Benghazi?" Happy Kale-Day to me"

    Brave men die, this retarded infant claps his hands and rubs his tummy.


  4. Yikes! Do I have to read thsat thing, or does the title say it all?

  5. My first reaction was anger. Then I realized that he is reacting in anger to Hagel not getting confirmed. Hagel is the great white hope of the paleos and they are all livid at the GOP. Suggesting that only "hard-liners" care about Benghazi is mistaken.

    If those 4 Americans killed in Benghazi had slowly died of cancer and people held bake sales for them then they would be worth crying over and writing a book about their heroic struggle. But, nah, they were brutally murdered by Islamic freaks. Don't get your panties in a twist, you hard-liners. Not a big deal.

  6. In a very short span of time, we have heard this from the Regime :

    ". . . if only one life is saved . . ."

    "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

    Reconcile those two statements, Batman. I guess it means we'll do whatever it takes for one speculative life, but four real lives? Who cares?

    Or maybe Hagel provided the unifying theory:

    "There are a lot of things I don’t know about. If confirmed, I intend to know a lot more than I do."

    To Dreher's point, saying that opposition to Hagel can only be "obstructionist" is the equivalent of saying that disagreement with Obama is necessarily racist. If this is what the Dems and paleos really think, then they are themselves as dim as Hagel.

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