Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Compare and Contrast. (Plus a caption contest)

I was looking over the classic viral blog Is Barack Obama the Messiah? from the 2008 Election season. It would be funnier if he hadn't been elected President. But it is good to contrast the latest picture posted there...

...with the latest photo proudly featured on the main page of the White House web-site today:

In the first picture, a painting by artist Alex Gray, we see the sphere of our planet Earth being perfected and re-imagined by the power of President Obama's solar-powered brain. In the second picture we see the Prezzie of the United Stezzie puckering as he holds in a choom hit and attempting to "stick it" to an insignificant, white sphere. Maybe I'll throw that photo into a demotivator; feel free to send suggestions for the caption.

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