Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank God for WJR Detroit

I was listening to Rush on WTAM 1100 when suddenly they and a breaking news flash about Lebron James, a subject which is only trumped by the world cup for things I care less about.

Fortunately there is at least still one business operating in Detroit, that is WJR 760. So I'm able to continue to listen to something meaningful.

Yes, Lebron James is signing with Cleveland. We are all witnesses... or perhaps witlesses.


  1. Aw c'mon, Pauli. That's a pretty good few months for Cleveland, with Johnny Football, GOP convention, and now LBJ coming to town.

    Somehow I'm guessing Cavs games have been a little meh over the past four years, and that there'll be just a bit more buzz going forward. That's not a bad thing, I'd think.

    P.S. This also means you can also lock in Western teams winning the NBA title for the next few years.

  2. Even Bill Simmons of ESPN says God Loves Cleveland. Just enjoy the next few years of greatness that you're going to get, Pauli, and don't look back.

  3. I disdain basketball and Lebron James who, I realize, is probably the greatest basketball player ever. It's one of the very few "minority" opinions that I hold.

    But you're right; it's good for Cleveland.