Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Cleveland gets the GOP convention.

Okay, Cleveland, don't screw this up.

Maybe I'll gate-crash it.


  1. Good for Cleveland! I'm less worried that Cleveland will screw it up than I am that the GOP will screw it up by nominating another loser.

    They were kind of schizophrenic down here in Dallas - wondering whether they ought to use JerryWorld (dig the crazy fish-eye view)as one of the locations. One of my least favorite politicians, Queen of Pork former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, was the prime mover behind the Dallas bid, so I at least get a little schadenfreude out of Cleveland getting it instead -- sort of like Obama losing the 2016 Olympics for Chicago.

  2. Good for Cleveland. They were hungrier for it and deserve it.

    While the politics of swing states, venue availability, and summer temperatures all undoubtedly played a role, outside the core promoters the general sentiment of Dallas itself also seems to be largely along these cheeky lines. After all, those who might have benefitted from the increased commerce can always eat cake instead.

    It's important to remember that Dallas proper is a big blue bubble in a sea of red, and the 4 major media outlets (DMN, D Magazine, Dallas Observer, KERA-NPR) remain incorrigibly liberal at heart.