Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kevin O'Brien scores in "The sequester soap opera script"

Kevin O'Brien narrates it perfectly in the Plain Dealer today. Congrats on hitting the RCP Front Page, Kevin! This Clevelander wouldn't be reading it otherwise. Excerpt:

President: "If you make me do what I said I would do, which I now say is The Worst Thing Ever, I'm going to blame you."

House Republicans: "For what?"

President: "When airliners start falling out of the sky, you're going to be held responsible. When something happens in Whateveristan and the American people find out the Navy didn't build the ship we needed to send there, it's going to be all your fault. When all the teachers lose their jobs and undocumented immigrants come streaming across the border and firehouses and police stations go dark, it's all on you."

House Republicans: "Right, right. You forgot, 'When thousands of lawbreaking illegals are released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement holding cells.' "

President:"We already did that, just to show that we're serious about making sure these cuts hurt."

House Republicans: "Hold on. Did you really just say that? Rather than adjust what gets cut, you would knowingly and intentionally inflict pain on Americans?"

President: "No. Of course I didn't just say that. Did I, guys?"

Associated Press: "If you did, I must have missed it."

Tons of links. The guy is a great blogger as well as a creative writer.

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