Friday, March 1, 2013

Rand Paul: "We have to start cutting back."

I'm really starting to like Senator Rand Paul. Here's his take on the sequester. Excerpt:

President Obama has dramatically expanded our federal government, and the American taxpayers should not have to endure more tax increases to fund it.

We have to start cutting back.

The forced sequester is not the most ideal scenario, which is why I have an alternative plan that invokes targeted spending to eliminate any threat of layoffs.

President Obama has provoked a sense of unrest within our nation by using outlandish rhetoric and making false claims about the effects of sequestration.

As opposed to stirring the pot, he should attempt to solve the problem.

What President Obama needs to realize is his fiscal cliffs, ceilings and sequesters ruin American confidence and make people wonder if we are working in their best interests.

As Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal pointed out, "Government freakout carries a price. It wears people down. It doesn't inject a sense of energy, purpose or confidence in those who do business in America. It does the opposite."

I trust that the high information reader here already know that Rand Paul gave back $600,000.00 to the treasury because his office said they could get by without it. That is leading by example. I believe this is the second time he's done it--the first time the amount was around $500,000.00. I heard that on Dennis Miller last year.

That's another thing I like. Senator Paul goes on all the conservative talk shows I listen to. Michael Medved, Dennis Miller, Hugh Hewitt, etc. Yes, he has been on Alex Jones's show, also, but I'll give him bug kudos if he can bring some troglodytes into the political mainstream world in which the good Senator seems to live and work.

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