Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have to concur with Phil Lawler's opinion that although a homosexual cabal is alive and well in the Vatican, no report of this would be news to the Pope, nor would it cause him to suddenly decide he'd better resign.

Suppose, for the sake of the argument, that the Pope suddenly became aware of a powerful homosexual cabal. What would he be likely to do? Why would he resign? Why wouldn’t he stay and fight to restore the integrity of the Church? Throughout his life Pope Benedict has shown a consistent willingness to take on tough problems, even when his actions are likely to prove unpopular. He has always been ready to do whatever he can do to promote Catholic doctrine and discipline.

”Whatever he can do”—ah, there’s the rub. This Pope is no coward; he is not a man to run away from a problem. But there is a limit to his strength and he has reached it.

There have been other reports, unconfirmed but credible, that the Pope’s health is rapidly deteriorating. If he is indeed losing his eyesight and his hearing, if his blood pressure is spiking and his energy is flagging, those would be plausible reasons for the Pope to step down. Not coincidentally, those factors would also match the reasons that the Pope himself cited for his resignation.


  1. If you think that was nonsense read this tripe that Andrew Sullivan posted about the Pope.
    Jonathan Carpenter

  2. What a goof. Laughed at this line "This is what really made me sit up straight..." Well, I thought, not "straight" really. Maybe sort of more erect than normal, but surely not straight!

    I think actually that the Pope retiring has something to do with Trig Palin's true parentage, but I'll save that theory for another time.