Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Ten Ruthies according to Google

Maybe this will change when Rod's book comes out, but currently these are the top ten suggestions when you Google the name Ruthie:

1. Ruthie Henshall - There are reasons she's at the top, IMHO.
2. Ruthie Davis - Like, shoes and sutff.
3. Ruthie Foster - Blues singer.
4. Ruthie from 7th Heaven - Cute actress Mackenzie Rosman.
5. Ruthie Camden - Same as #4.
6. Ruthie Alcaide - Alcoholic tattoo chick from real world.
7. Ruthie Real World - Same as 6.
8. Ruthie Knox - Soft-core hack.
9. Ruthie and Moe's Diner - Wow, it's in Cleveland. I'll have to check it out sometime.
10. Ruthie Sommers - Upscale interior decorator.

Check out Ruthie Sommers's pictures on that last link. She's a pretty good designer. Well, I suppose her upscale business isn't going to be affected too much by a new Ruthie on the block. Everyone knows her last name, unlike Ruthie from 7th Heaven and Ruthie Real World.

We'll check back in May '13 and see the new Ruthie list, who's in, who's out.


  1. Which of those Ruthies is "the most balanced", do you think?

    and how do you pronounce "veeeeeeery"?

  2. I'm writing a book called "About Last Tweet".

  3. There will be a gay ab model on the front cover along with a female experiencing a severe wardrobe malfunction.