Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eccentricity is Getting Hard Nowadays!

From the Onion: "New Billionaire Tries To Develop Eccentricities".

"When you have $975 million, you're just like everyone else," said Stern, 41, from the bow of Excelsior, a 58-person canoe that he commissioned for a world-record paddle around the world. "But I'm a billionaire now. People expect me to use my money to feed my ego to the point of borderline insanity."

Pretty funny. I especially liked the albino alligator collection and the planned lunar burial. The Ukrainian contortionists seemed kind of like a no-brainer, not so eccentric to me.

So how close is everyone to becoming a billionaire? Let's see... I need about..... approximately....... yeah, a billion dollars.