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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Orthodox Rod Dreher on Catholic vs. Catholic civil war: "Bring it"

You Want Civil War? Bring It

The first rule of Fight Club: don't crow about Fight Club
Bored, effete modern epicurean Rod Dreher is probably really dismayed he missed the big one in 1618.

Still, Dreher's blatant and grotesque vicarious lust to see other faiths clash while his own religious ox remains coyly ungored may have something to do with why Catholics remain stubbornly unmoved to join his Benedict Option cult and as a consequence his fake Catholic newsletter The Benedict Post died a quick death on the vine.

Unfortunately for Dreher, who would have Catholics at each others' throats as a means of driving them into his "Ben Op" lotus land, Catholics already have in their Church all Dreher claims is missing from their lives and which, he implies, he above all others has the wisdom to supply through his thoroughly modern "Benedict Option".

And so they understandably see little need to join a weird, middle-aged hipster's personal movement designed solely to restore meaning and a little "let's you and him fight" vicarious fisticuffs excitement into his tergiversant indoor kitty life.

The first rule of Fight Club, numbskull? Don't babble and crow about Fight Club, particularly if you're not even in the fight.