Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is back?

I don't know if Blogger is back or not. Oh, wait, blogger status says it is. Good. Everyone must have clapped for Tinkerbell.

There are still some missing posts on my site. Please don't be tempted to commit suicide over that.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charles Gasparino: Obama Building Zero Confidence

Who knows is Obama will win again. There are too many factors and too much time between now and November 2012. Charles Gasparino explains why it won't be a cake walk for the big B.O. Excerpt:

Obama's building zero confidence about the future, too. He's back to insisting on the end of the Bush tax rates after next year -- promising higher taxes on "millionaires and billionaires," meaning small businesses and families that make $250,000. And his plan to supposedly cut $4 trillion in spending over the next 12 years doesn't add up -- everyone knows it's just a pose, so he can pretend to be responsible as he fights Republican efforts to make real cuts.

As his no-drill policies help push up energy prices, his only answer is more politics -- bashing the oil companies and threatening special tax hikes on them, as if that wouldn't push up prices. For all this and more, the economy will be an albatross for Obama all the way to November 2012. He might yet win -- the weak Republican field is itself fumbling to come up with a growth agenda. But don't start the re-election parties just yet.

Love it when they do that with the pegs


Monday, May 9, 2011

World's Most Famous Martian

Patrick "Two-phones" Coyne goes down

Today we hear another one of Jimmy Dimora's many shoes drop as the FBI arrests Strongsville Councilman Patrick Coyne as part of the ongoing Cuyahoga County mop-up. I'm calling him by his brand-new nickname "Two-phones" which I just gave him after seeing this photo.

This is how Democrats do conference calls I'll bet.

Coyne resigned his council seat Friday without explanation. He was implicated, although not by name, last year in a bribery scheme involving Hinckley real estate developer David Terry.

Terry pleaded guilty to paying $20,000 to a Strongsville politician who matches Coyne's description to "influence and reward" the official for various dealings in 2007.

Terry's attorney Jerry Gold has said that his client bribed Coyne for past and future political influence and that Coyne helped some of Terry's relatives find jobs.

Coyne is a well-connected Democrat who worked in the Cuyahoga County treasurer's office before going to work for County Prosecutor Bill Mason in 1999. He joined the County coroner's office in 2007.

County Coroner Frank Miller fired Coyne from his $120,000 job in October, shortly after he was implicated in the Terry bribery scheme. Miller also accused Coyne of stealing campaign money.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald has been conducting a review to determine whether Coyne improperly used his influence in the hiring of several county employees, including his former campaign chairman and a niece.

The comments are good; in them it is noted that Patrick Coyne was the new County Exec's driver during his campaign. So he'll be taken care of, no doubt. Funny how he resigned a day before the spaghetti hit the fan. So he had more warning than OBL about what was coming. Also it is suggested that Coyne will plea deal and turn evidence on Bill Mason and that's the real prize here. I haven't been following it closely enough, but that sounds right.

Apropos of nothing least nothing that I know of.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Barb sums it up

Our friend, Barb, is an awesome mom. Read this:

Honestly, I never wanted to be anything other than a wife and mother. Yes, I do have my own interests and activities, but I wanted the main focus of my life to be caring for my family and for our home. Most of the time, I don't regret it at all. Sometimes I feel like the world has left me behind, but one of the benefits of having a loving family is having the strength of the others to draw on when one member is feeling discouraged. And after all, my husband and daughters are the ones for whom I work, so if they are happy, I can't be doing too badly, I suppose.

That pretty much sums it up, I think. Don't be afraid to leave the world behind. It's passing away, anyway, and a lot of it is just a bunch of crap.