Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different....

To all appearances, the bar is set pretty low for who can run for President of the US in 2008. I was thinking that between Ron Paul, Mike Gravel and my own Congressman, Urban D. K., Ross Perot looked pretty normal. Lots of people have ears like that.

Anyway, here's where you need to go to kick of your big run for office. Elect Me Tees allows anyone to order t-shirts, hats, and other sportswear for their 2008 campaign for POTUS. Most likely you'll have to go to the custom page. There you can put in the write-in candidate of your choice, either your own name or your favorite famous personality; from Jackie Mason to Yours Truly. In fact, take a picture of yourself in a "Pauli '08" t-shirt and send it to me and I'll post it on the blog!

Why I Haven't Been Doing What I Had Been Doing

I acknowledge a gentle rib there in my reference to a recent post by my pal Jonathan Carpenter. If you don't find J-Carp as humorous as I do in his quixotic relentlessness, I don't know... go rent "Borat" or something and have a little snicker whilst you sip your Beaujolais Nouveau. But call me Sancho; I can't help laughing at all the bloggers doing post after post with feigned indignation, the obligatory paranoia about so-called "cyber-stalkers" and the ironic advice to ignore "trolls". Well.. so long and thanks for all the hits.

Back to me. I'm not dead or anything that serious. I just have a new situation whereby I can't blog as much. It would be kind of like, well, oh I don't know... OK. Say I got a job as a garbage collector... not that I did get that job. But if they didn't give it to me because they thought I couldn't drive that stupid truck or lift those big cans they're idiots.... uh, a better example would be, uh, say I was elected Game Warden and had to investigate cases of satanic animal immolation and they offered me a bunch of money to do a TV show about it, you know, like COPS -- oh, I suppose you don't have a fantasy job, Mr./Ms. Grocery-Packer!

That reminds me, for several reasons of this recent Moonbones post about Amy Welborn's blog, which might be worth commenting on if that old Beaujolais piece from Slate left a sour taste in your mouth.

And that, my friends, is one flippin' sweet Volvo front-loader. What do you think? Email me or post your comments to this blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yeah, Yeah, All Right... On and On and On....

My current mood.

Yoko apparently thought she was in a Monty Python skit, or something.