Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

45-46% of doctors will quit if Obamacare passes

That's what they said last August, and that's what they are saying now. Excerpt from Medicus:

Do physicians feel that health reform is necessary? The survey indicates that doctors do want change. Only a very small portion of respondents — about four percent — feel that no reform is needed. However, only 28.7 percent of physicians responded in favor of a public option as part of health reform. Additionally, an overwhelming 63 percent of physicians prefer a more gradual, targeted approach to health reform, as opposed to one sweeping overhaul. Primary care, which is already experiencing significant shortages by many accounts, could stand to be the most affected, based on the survey. About 25 percent of respondents were primary care physicians (defined as internal medicine and family medicine in this case), and of those, 46 percent indicated that they would leave medicine — or try to leave medicine — as a result of health reform.


Is there anything which you can be offered which would change your mind?

So this is where we're at. Bribes and threats are now the norm. Neat.

I love how he says "...such overwhelming support for the bill, obviously not enough to pass it."

Dennis Kucinich's Voice Mailbox is Full

I got through the capitol switchboard--877-762-8762--to Kucinich's number, but his voice mail was full. Surprise, surprise. I was going to leave a "true believer" message in there, you know, advising him to switch back to a NO vote since we can't have a glorious, pure single-payer health system.

In truth, I loathe even the term single-payer. It only makes sense if there was only one person in the country who paid taxes.

Nothing New

I was driving through Cleveland last night around 10pm and listening to Mark Levin's (prerecorded) show. Levin was praising Bret Baier's grilling of the President. Tom Bevan calls the move a mistake and a sign of desperation. I hope he's right. Excerpt:

Whatever the case, I think it was a mistake by the President to go on Fox last night and I do not think he helped himself or his cause with the interview. Obama came across as both dismissive and non-responsive to Brett Baier's insistent questioning about the process. He implicitly approved using parliamentary gymnastics to pass the Senate bill, and he didn't provide very specific or convincing answers about which "special deals" will be included in the final legislation. In the end, he repeated familiar bromides about the benefits and centrist nature of his plan, all of which the public has heard ad nauseum for months and few of which they appear to believe. President Obama offered nothing new, either in substance or tone, that would grab someone whose mind is still open on the issue of health care (and there aren't many left after a full year of debating the issue) and convince them to support his legislation.

In other words, you can't polish a turd.

Sorry, I can't watch the video. I tried. I heard all the pertinent excerpts on Hewitt's show last night. The President is pathetic. He can't answer a yes or no question. All he can do is flap his gums and repeat meaningless mantras. He's the poster child for why affirmative action is a horrible idea.