Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yeah, that's breaking and entering, dummy

Just plain weird.

I suppose she'll send them another bill with late charges once she gets out of jail.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Competence, not "fairness"

The Economist gets it precisely. Excerpt:

In that case, the election will revolve not around fairness, but competence. Mr Romney is fond of saying that Mr Obama has no idea how the economy works and how jobs are created. The way the Obama campaign talks about Bain Capital suggests that his criticism is correct. Mr Obama, as noted above, likes to insinuate that there is a conflict between pursuing profits and creating jobs. In the long run, however, in a competitive economy, that is nonsense. Only profitable firms can sustain any jobs, and the more profitable they are, the more money they have to invest in new ventures with new workers. Mr Obama is guilty not of rhetorical excess but of economic muddle. That is far more worrying.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reap the Wuerlwind

Here's an update on what Cardinal Wuerl is doing and saying. I have to say I'm totally impressed at the way he is coming out swinging against the HHS Mandate and the Obama machine. Excerpt:

“This lawsuit isn't about contraception,” said Cardinal Wuerl. “It is about religious freedom. Embedded in the mandate is a radically new definition of what institutes a religious community, what constitutes religious ministry--brand new and never fortified in the federal level. That's what we are arguing about.”

“The lawsuit said we have every right to serve in this community as we have served for decades and decades,” he continued. “The new definition says you are not really religious if you serve people other than your own and if you hire people other than your own. That wipes out all of the things that we have been doing, all the things that we contribute to the common good--our schools, our health care services, our Catholic charity and even parish soup kitchens and pantries.”

Criticizing the Obama administration’s “accommodation,” Cardinal Wuerl said that “so many of our institutions, certainly the archdiocese, is self insured. We are the insurer. So, when you say, don't worry, we changed this and only the insurer has to pay. And we are the insurer, there is no accommodation.”

The other part of the interview which I saw somewhere else is about how the mainstream media does NOT want to report anything about this lawsuit. They are scared. They should be scared. Catholics are pissed.