Friday, June 7, 2013

Personality Crisis

Check out the girl in the front who knows all the lyrics, around 2:15. She even does the wolfman howl. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He used to look more normal

Check out the picture here. This is from two years ago. Doesn't he look more normal without the 'uge spectacles? My 9-year-old has glasses almost exactly like that.

Some people just get weirder and weirder as the years roll on. I hope I'm getting more and more normal. If I'm more boring as a result then, hey—small price to be counted as sane in this crazy cosmos.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Liberals dislike of good news is telling

Bill Donohue shows how liberal Catholics dislike good news about their own church.

Peter Steinfels, who wrote the obituary on Father Andrew M. Greeley in today’s New York Times, notes that “there was resistance among liberal Catholics to his [Greeley’s] positive findings about Catholic schools.”

This is striking. Steinfels, himself a liberal, is writing about Greeley, another liberal (on most subjects), about the way liberal Catholics react to good news about Catholic schools. Which raises the question: Why do liberal Catholics treat good news about Catholic schools as bad news? Would they prefer they fail?

Steinfels went on to say that Greeley’s “research debunked the received view at the time that Catholics had low college attendance rates. He found instead that white Catholics earned bachelor’s degrees and pursued advanced degrees at higher rates than other whites, and he attributed their success to the quality of education in parochial schools, a controversial assertion in a time of public-school ascendancy.”

Conservative Catholics cheer such news. Apolitical Catholics cheer such news. So what’s wrong with liberal Catholics that they resist such news? Is their craven need for acceptance by secular elites so debased that it drives them to resist good news about Catholic education?

Of course many of them also dislike good news about the abuse scandal in the church. The proposition that there are a finite number of child abusers in the church or that the problem is at least under control disturbs them for some reason.

Maybe I'll try to go get a picture

Judge Pinkey Carr strikes again.

A man who threatened police was expected to hold a sign calling himself an "idiot" as part of his sentence today, but Richard Dameron, 58, did not show up at the scheduled time of 7 a.m.

Dameron was found guilty of making threatening 911 calls to Cleveland Police. In addition to a 90-day jail sentence, Dameron was sentenced to hold up a sign of apology across the street from the Second District Cleveland Police station for three hours beginning Monday morning.

The sign was to reportedly read: "I apologize to Officer Simone, his family, all law enforcement officers and Ms. Adkins for threatening to kill them. I was being an idiot and it will never happen again."

I like her idea. It sort of hearkens back to the Order of Penitents in the Early Church who I've heard were sometimes required to hold a sign relating the nature of any public sins. But that wasn't on the Wikipedia page.

Wait... here's a picture of the idiot sign.

I hope Pinkey is only the Judge's nickname and not the result of her parents being Happy Days fans.