Monday, November 27, 2017

Facebook Presence for Est Quod Est

Everything I've been doing online over the last year has been done on Facebook. And when I say everything, I mean upwards of 90%. Facebook is easy to interface with and it has become sort of a "one-stop shop" for people with limited time to catch-up on every level of news.

So now I decided to create a Facebook presence for Est Quod Est. Here is the address: I'm going to link posts there, but I'm not planning to add any "extra" content, at least not right now. Everything there will redirect readers to the blog. It's really just a cross posting exercise. So if you aren't on Facebook, don't rush out and get an account for the sake of reading this wonderful blog.

In fact, I have thought about not linking to absolutely every post we do here to force people to spend time on the blog. For example, this post is not linked on the FB page. I am also considering linking to older EQE posts on Facebook since I feel that a lot of my Facebook friends would enjoy reading some of our observations on the blog.

I encourage people to get Facebook accounts even if they feel like they are "allergic" to social media. I have one friend who refuses to refuses to get one and, sometimes, I feel like I know more about what his kids are up to than he does. (Note: this is probably untrue....) But there are dangers involved with social media, and you can read about them all the time. So I understand the hesitation some have—it's warranted. Like anything powerful, misuse can be disastrous. For instance. But humans have been crippling themselves by livin' out loud for long ages before the arrival of social media.

Unsubscribe Monday

Hey boys and girls, do you know what "Cyber Monday" is great for? Unsubscribing from all those spam or semi-spam emails you're getting.

I just unsubscribed from seven or eight emails. Usually these all come sporadically, so I just delete them rather than unsubscribing. But since everyone sends ads on "Cyber Monday", it is the perfect time to pull the spam up by the roots.

Feels good, man.

Just another tip from your buddy out on the internets.