Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TAC discovers Obamacare!

Not a day after that pants-on-fire lying liar Keith had the temerity to claim that not even a glancing bird-dropping mention of Obamacare stained the TAC web site but whuddya know, the green fairy of inspiration miraculously lurches to its feet and prompts Our Working Boy to phone in a post on that very topic, an issue obscured in the world as it has been these last several weeks by, well, anything else it was remotely possible to write about. And what a comprehensively perfunctory roundup it was, too!

In a sulking voice that could only be more taciturn if it were begrudgingly grunting out a response above a week's worth of whiskey and wildebeest-impacted piles, Reporter Rod finally reveals all to those dozens of us who previously had no clue:

The perfect storm of mistrust. Intentionally or not, Obama misled people to get this thing passed, and his team constructed a failed website that they cannot fix in a timely way. You can gripe about GOP knotheadedness, but these problems of Obama’s are entirely self-inflicted.

OMG! Could this be true? O. M. G.

And then, like the Roadrunner.....Meep-meep-okay-boss-I-did-like-you-said-now-lemme-outa-here-and...mercifully, mercifully back to Paris.

Beautiful, carefree Paris, where life forever trickles through a sugar cube. As it should.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Future that Never Was"

If the point of The American Conservative wasn't necessarily to make money, as some have commented previously, it looks like "Mission Accomplished".

Washington Free Beacon gleefully reported on the most recent circulation numbers for the TAC print version.  For example:


David Brooks wrote that the American Conservative had “become one of the more dynamic spots on the political web” in a New York Times column headlined “The Conservative Future,” last November.

The latest issue of the American Conservative features a critique of the Gettysburg Address; a column by Greek shipping heir Taki Theodoracopulos; a review of Max Blumenthal’s anti-Zionist book (headline: “Will Israel Go Fascist?”); and a piece called “JFK Warmonger.”


Wick Allison has got to be shaking his head:  surely article headlines like those are a cinch to bring in the masses of "Americans" and "conservatives" just like him and Dreher.  Where are they all?

As Our Hero would say, read the whole thing.