Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cata Cata Cata Caterpillargirl

Another one of those haunting Cure songs permanently burnt into my brain. Pretty cool DIY super-eightish vid.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ed Fitzgerald is "Abortion Ken"

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald is a "pro-abortion Catholic", a Souper Candidate as my friend Dan Coyne calls such Catholics, and he's making fighting abortion restrictions passed by Ohio lawmakers and signed by Governor Kasich a big part of his 2014 bid for Ohio Governor. Here's proof on his own campaign page. Here's how it starts:

If you care about women’s health, you have to abhor the anti-abortion restrictions inserted into the two-year, $62 billion budget bill that Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed into law.

You really don't need to read any further than that to peg Fitzgerald as pro-abortion. But to leave no shadow of a doubt, Fitzgerald is also proposing a statewide pro-abortion ballet initiative for 2014.

Meanwhile, his presumed Democratic opponent, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, recently urged a ballot fight over restrictions on abortion enacted in the new state budget by Republican lawmakers and Mr. Kasich. If successful, that question would appear on the ballot at the same time he and Mr. Kasich will.

So it seems like he has pretty firmly hitched his wagon to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industrial complex. They will have no trouble ponying up funds for this campaign. At least Fitzgerald is not really wearing a mask. He's another fake Catholic hoping no one cares or notices. Or says anything. If Wendy Davis is Abortion Barbie, then without a doubt, Ed Fitzgerald is Abortion Ken.

Helping Wikipedia keep current

I was over at the Wikipedia page for the famous public person, Rod Dreher, and I noted that the article was woefully behind the times. Since it is a locked article, I could not edit it myself, so I did the next best thing and left a helpful criticism on the "Talk page". It reads as follows:

Incomplete / out-of-date

The article states that the subject is a past contributor to the American Conservative, but he is now a full time blogger at that web publication.

The manner and order in which this article is written makes it seem like the most significant thing the subject has done is to leave the Roman Catholic church and criticize that church for abuse of children by homosexual clergy members. I am not sure the subject would agree with this characterization.

The article doesn't mention the subject's newest book, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, either. This was written about the author's dead sister. Instead it mentions a proposed book titled The Benedict option which has not been written yet.

Of course, we have numerous sources to see absolute everything that is going on with the subject including his wonderful TAC blog, our own articles here at Est Quod Est and Topix, not to mention the Bonnie Blue Review. I'd think that his new publisher would at least want to update his Wikipedia page with the info about The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, a Small Town, and the Secret of a Good Life. But maybe they know that people who look up things on Wikipedia don't read books like that. If you give an author a million dollar advance to write a book you obviously know your business better than I do.

I'm back

Is that over the top? Can't tell.

Off-topic, but maybe this is a good discussion question for the-Monday-after-Pauli's-vacation. Is sense of humor genetic? I was wondering because my two oldest kids had the face painter at the parish picnic give them Hitler mustaches.