Thursday, August 7, 2014

Biden Contra Mundum

Joe Biden forgets his lines again in his most recent gaffe. What number are we up to? Excerpt:

Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday ripped into congressional Republicans for not passing a gas tax increase to shore up the Highway Trust Fund.

The only problem? The White House doesn’t support a gas tax increase, either.

"Hell, Congress can’t even decide on a gas tax to keep the highway system going,” Biden said during an event Wednesday on ensuring unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S-Mexico border have access to lawyers.

But here’s what White House press secretary Josh Earnest said when asked about a gas tax hike in June: “I believe that’s something that we’ve said a couple of times that we wouldn’t support.”

Not surprisingly, an increase in the gas tax would be a difficult position for vulnerable Democrats to take ahead of the November midterms.

Like I've said before, Joe Biden remains one of the biggest "non-political" reasons not to attempt to impeach the current president.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Easy to explain, hard to solve.

As he does with all topics, Dennis Prager brings clarity to the topic of the Israel-Arab conflict.

Once you understand the problem, it's easy to know what side to be on. If you misunderstand the problem then I can see why you might support Hamas. They have a lot of people on their side due to the underdog fallacy. Do the "have-nots" ever commit evils against the "haves"? If you answer "no", then I can understand why you might support Hamas and other Islamic terror groups.

The Wreck of the Edward FitzGerald

Yeah. Hear that fizzing sound? That is the air rushing out of the balloon which was the Ed Fitzgerald for Governor campaign.


We may never know exactly what happened between FitzGerald and a woman who was not his wife, at 4:30 in the morning, in the parking lot of an industrial complex in Westlake. What we do know is that women are far more likely to abandon FitzGerald over the issue than men. We also know that winning a huge majority of the female vote was FitzGerald’s only conceivable path to victory.

A Quinnipiac University poll released July 30 showed Kasich leading FitzGerald 53 to 31 percent among male voters, but only 43 to 41 percent among women. Take that same poll today and Kasich’s lead among women is probably at least eight percentage points.

As bad as that early-morning parking incident was for FitzGerald, things were about to get a whole lot worse. Reports that FitzGerald went 10 years without a valid permanent driver's license — including periods when he was county executive, Lakewood mayor and Lakewood safety director — fail the common-sense test in ways that boggle the mind.

"Ed FitzGerald went 10 years without a valid permanent driver's license." No, you didn't read that wrong. I thought I heard it wrong yesterday. Ten years? During which time he was Mayor of Lakewood and Cuyahoga Executive? His excuse for not renewing is that "things kept coming up." Really, his campaign said exactly that.

Meanwhile, Eddie is crying about the optics. "The question is whether the optics of it will trump reality."

Yeah, you guys just hate optics, don't you? Like when you took this photo... "Hey, looky, here's me with a hot blonde! I'm cool; vote for me!"

The Irish people involved are all twitchy:

In a statement, Grehan and Peter Hynes, a member of the 2012 Irish delegation, called the patrol stop an "innocuous incident."

"We are outraged and disgusted to find our names being drawn into what is clearly a controversy fabricated with political motivation," Grehan and Hynes said. "We confirm that there is absolutely no basis for the unfounded speculation and nasty innuendo which surrounds reporting of this incident."

So don't hang around garbage and you won't get any on you. I can't pretend I'm not elated to see a Pro-abortion "Catholic" being revealed for what he really is.

"It's that little souvenir"

In the spring of 1990, this was all we listened to in the van. For weeks.

Stop Hamas Now

Go to the Stop Hamas Now website and sign the petition. This is a letter which will be sent to everybody in leadership. Here's the text:

An open letter to America's leaders

Dear President Obama, Secretary Kerry, members of Congress, Governors, state and local officials, and our nation's business and religious leaders:

Israel has been under attack. Under attack by an enemy – Hamas - that values death over life. That uses women and children to shield its weapons and bombs. That has as its goal the destruction of Israel. And the destruction of Western Civilization.

The very same Hamas that has as a part of its covenant the destruction of Israel. The very same Hamas that cheers when Americans die and condemns America when she takes on evil around the globe.

And the very same radical ideology that led to the death of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. And that's behind the slaughter of Christians throughout the Middle East.

We mourn the loss of innocent life in Gaza. But those deaths are not collateral damage; they are a part of a deliberate plan by Hamas to cause the death of its own women and children, and then use those deaths to garner international sympathy.

It is a grotesque strategy. One the media should expose. And the world should condemn. One that must not happen again.

Leaders of America, please send a unified message to Israel and the world that America stands with our ally in this battle for her survival. That Hamas must be disarmed and stay disarmed. And that we stand against Hamas's depraved use of innocent civilians as human shields, and its ideology of hate and intolerance.

This fight in Gaza, in the end, is a fight between good and evil.

It isn't just Israel's fight. It's America's, too. And the civilized world's.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Who is Rod Dreher sucking up to this week?

Let's see...someone named Damon Linker.

But beyond a shared interest in talking about sex on the internet - and if you ever find yourself not getting enough talk about weird and perverted sex, Dreher's is hands down the first place to go - why is Damon Linker, according to Rod "one of the most interesting columnists writing today", now his new BFF?

Commenter The Wet One explains:

Ahhh… I see what you did there Rod. You cheeky son of a gun you.

It’s all there in the first line of the second paragraph:

“Leading social conservative Rod Dreher conceded as much last week.”

You just wanted us all to see that in print.



Of course, I didn’t see your ulterior motive until I actually clicked on the link this afternoon.


Yes, as TWO says, of course. As I recall, a number has even been dedicated to describe that sort of relationship, five, or six, or nine or something.

And that, kids, is how you become a leading-whatever-you-wannabe, just find yourself someone with similar ambitions to curl up like a comma with online.

Thanks for making our point.

It appears that my hopes and suspicions about the effectiveness of Bloomberg's new anti-gun group might have been on target. Check this out. Excerpt:

The ad was released to coincide with a congressional hearing aimed at expanding federal firearm prohibitions pertaining to misdemeanor convictions and restraining orders. Yet the reaction to many who saw the ad makes clear that it does nothing so much as illustrate the limitations of those measures.

As the “ex” pounds on the door, he yells, “This is my house!” However unwittingly, the producers of the ad thus establish that the man would almost certainly be prohibited under current federal law from possessing a firearm, insofar as he cohabitated with the woman, and she had obtained an order of protection against him.

In any event, as far as the ad is concerned, the order appeared to provoke the man, rather than restrain him; the police could not respond in time to enforce it; and whatever legal repercussions the man faced for possessing a firearm illegally were manifestly not a deterrent. How this argues for the expansion of any of these measures is unclear.

On the other hand, the ad does make a rather compelling argument for the proposition that the only thing that could have saved the woman once the man burst through the door was her own exercise of the right to armed self-defense.

Reminds me of this Glock commercial. Which has sort of a silly ending. I'd much rather see the dude take a bullet and then bleed out while the ambulance was on its way. But that's just me.

The anti-gun lobby is purely political. They don't care about current laws on the books one bit, and their mindless followers don't even know what they are.

Hail, Redbone!

So glad they made the cut for the Awesome Mix Tape Vol 1.

So tell me, what is the matter with your feel right? You never answered my question from last year.