Friday, July 8, 2022

Vivek Ramaswamy on freeing the Energy Producers from outside influences

I am using Vanguard at the moment for my retirement and investments. Whenever Strive Asset Management comes online, that is where all my money is going.

Steve Inman's Interview With An Original Rooftop Korean

The cold war is heating up.

This is why I am happy to be in a based parish

...with a based and/or redpilled priest. I don't have to listen to current thing crap during the Prayers of the Faithful.

Sadly I think that Dymphna is correct here:

Every week at the Prayers of the Faithful I hear "For the people of Ukraine facing tyranny..." but so far the liturgical committee has not noticed what's been going on in Nigeria where people are being slaughtered and kidnapped at Mass. Considering that this diocese has a large number of Nigerians this is odd and disappointing.

I've said it before and I will say it again. Have you noticed that nobody, not one rabbi, or Protestant preacher has publicly offered to stand by Catholics as our churches are being attacked? The Mass was changed in part, to appeal to Protestants and there are Catholics who have spent their entire church careers for lack of a better term, working feverishly on Interfaith causes. We certainly are seeing the worthlessness of those efforts.

This Ukraine thing can be directly traced to Joe Biden's actions with regard to fuel pipelines. Yet I don't hear anyone on the left talking about how Everything is Interconnected! when discussing this, although it is an economic fact that “the gravest effects of all attacks on the FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY are suffered by the poorest”. All I hear is OMG THOSE HORRIBLE RUSSIANS AND TRUMP!

There is no Ukrainian flag inside or outside my house. But there are plenty of instances of another flag, believe me.

You bet it's ironic that we're having this conversation