Friday, February 22, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson exposes the Politically Correct agenda

...and advocates common sense conservatism.

Love how he explains why the European system sucks compared to the American system. He just calling it the way it is.

Also note: God is not progressive. And He doesn't favor a progressive taxation system.

Take your daughter to the range day

Here's one idea for getting your kids to put down the Game Boys. Look how she can't get enough of it.

I'm sure this infuriates some liberals. They probably don't appreciate how much fun she's having either.

Eric Gales: Make It There

I just discovered this guy (yeah, sort of late). Love his playing and singing. Also he throws some wah-wah in there which is a WIN in my book. He plays a right-handed guitar upside-down and backwards, but hey—works for him.

Another use for hand sanitizer

I don't usually put stuff from my kids on here, but my son Joe wrote this in his 3rd grade writing class. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

I never dreamt that my classmate, Thomas, was a robot, but yesterday I discovered the shocking truth. This is how it all began.

Mr. R______ gave Thomas a demerit. Then Thomas said “SCANNING…” Then he said “IS THIS A DEMERIT?” “Yes,” said Mr. R______. Then Thomas opened his stomach (which was actually a paper shredder) and shredded the demerit. Then he emptied the shreds into the trash can. Thomas then started to read his owner’s manual. Then Thomas started to say “LOW BATTERY!” So he unwound his cord and plugged himself into the outlet.

I knew what I needed to do. I grabbed the hand sanitizer and poured the whole bottle on Thomas. Now I am rich and famous because I saved the world.

I'm just wondering where he got the twisted sense of humor.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Legally make your own gun

They'll never take them away, really. From cold dead hands, maybe, but from the American spirit which burns and doesn't die? I don't think so. What if they change this law? I think you'll still see these items out there, and if they are grandfathered, how can anyone tell when they were finished and put together?

Here is a good FAQ on what the man is talking about on their website. Basically the lower is 80% finished, so it can be sold as a non-FFL controlled item.

Here's a page about the same thing from another company.

Oi, stitch that

"Where hast thou been?"

My mates and I used to sing along with this over and over. Where did the years go? lol