Friday, March 28, 2008

Governor Casey's Revenge

I have become increasingly frightened by the possibility of an Obama presidency. Nevertheless, seeing the Clintons unable to get their way has provided some perverse moments of satisfaction. Also, I have been quite disappointed with Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Jr. who has not lived up to his father's legacy. Gov. Bob Casey Sr. provided a model of what a faithful Catholic Democrat would look like. So while Casey Jr.'s endorsement of Obama does not thrill me it does provide one satisfying result: Revenge form the grave for Casey Sr. Remember that in 1992 Bill Clinton kept the good governor (whose victory in a big state over a pro-choice Republican was quite an upset and should have made him a star in the party) from speaking at the Democratic National Convention because of his strong pro-life position. But Kathy Taylor, a pro-choice Republican --from Pennsylvania no less -- did address the convention. From the NYT story:

Mr. Casey’s father, the state’s former governor, had a chilly relationship with Mrs. Clinton’s husband dating from Mr. Clinton’s first campaign for president in 1992. The elder Mr. Casey was strongly against abortion rights and did not approve of Mr. Clinton, who in turn shut Mr. Casey out of the Democratic convention. Another long-time Casey ally said that during the 1992 campaign, Mr. Casey refused to attend a dinner in his home county, Lackawanna, where Mrs. Clinton was campaigning for her husband. On election night in 1992, Mrs. Clinton closely tracked the results in Lackawanna, which her husband won.

A Casey endorsement is huge in Pennsylvania -- whether from father or son. I can't help but think that Gov. Casey is looking down from heaven and thoroughly enjoying the fact that 16 years after he was shut out of the convention, the Clintons really need a favor from his family -- and they aren't going to get it.

Microsoft / LOLCAT Hybrid Humor

I live for this kind of stuff.

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Susan B Rocks

Reader Susan B has her own internet radio station, which I've been rocking out to all morning. Check it out.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Talk about your pots and kettles

A truly classic quote from Mark Shea:

Oh, Kmiec forearms himself against rational criticism by cherry-picking the most deranged emails from the bitter conservative wingnuts, interlacing them with the "Gosh! You are so brave and thoughtful!" emails and painting that as the only alternatives we have. It's a clever trick for simple-minded folk, but those of us who can think remain unpersuaded that this really establishes the case for Obama.

I realize everyone is a bit hypocritical when it comes to the way they argue and the way they demand others to argue . . . but man oh man of all the people to talk about false dichotomies, glowing emails and cherry picking quotes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So let's give it a little more press

This is really funny to me because it's so counter-productive. This Imam doesn't like the press coverage given to Magdi Allam's conversion to Roman Catholicism.

Muslim leaders said that the highly public conversion was being viewed in some quarters as an open challenge to Islam rather than an individual's private religious choice. The spokesman for the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy, Imam Issedin Elzir of Florence, said that "the case garnered more attention than it merited, given that each day many convert to Islam and many to Christianity."

So now the press is going to interview Mr. Elzir regarding these statements and give it a few more minutes of press.

Someone should point out to the good Imam that Allam is a well-known journalist; hence the press attention. Of course, maybe Mr. Elzir's purpose is to garner a bit of press for himself and he can't think of anything nice to say, so here come the sour grapes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hungarian Mojo

Captured by a cell phone in Budapest.

Cool planet, huh.

Sunday, March 23, 2008