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This page is dedicated to information every Catholic should know about Mark Shea. Mark Shea is an author, blogger and leftist political activist. He has written a number of books about the Catholic faith as an amateur lay theologian. His main blog is on Patheos here, his Facebook page is here.

Lately Mark Shea has become vocal opponent of a heresy he calls Christianism, to which he states that self-professed Christians who don't agree with him on government laws and policies adhere to rather than actual Christianity. With this word, he demonizes and marginalizes Christians with different political points of view and writes them out of the Christian religion with a quasi-magisterial certitude.

We can see in this practice how Mark Shea takes the standard position of the left against the right. Whereas the conservative generally believes those on the left to possess incorrect viewpoints or to be misguided, to be wrong in a word, the leftist proclaims that the conservative is evil, possesses hatred, is sadistic, loves violence against "enemies", etc.

Because of this, many have accused Mark Shea of calumny against those with whom he disagrees. I have never done such a thing. Whether I believe Mark Shea has calumniated or not is none of my business, so any thoughts I have on it will not be shared with the general public. I think it is best to read the prolific amount of material Mark Shea produces and judge for oneself. I will advise people to choose other spiritual writers and authors who do not have such a controversial reputation.

Furthermore, I will go on record to accuse Mark Shea of the following tendencies: being grossly uncharitable towards those with different opinions, placing leftist activism before fair-mindedness and substituting assertion and name-calling for well-reasoned argumentation.

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  1. I think it is best to real the prolific amount of material Mark Shea produces and judge for oneself.

    Do you perhaps mean "read" in the above sentence?