Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Matt Dolan Voted Against Removal of "Duty to Retreat" (Ohio SB 175)

H/T Buckeye Firearms. It looks like good ol' wishy washy Matt Dolan wants to represent Ohio in the U.S Senate. And he is explicitly stating that he will be "championing gun rights".

Dolan kicks off the listening tour Tuesday at a luncheon to be held at Lake County Republican Headquarters. Over the next two weeks, he’ll move on to Trumbull, Mahoning, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Lorain, Lucas, Wood, Ottawa and Ashland counties.

In a statement, Dolan said his agenda would include championing gun rights, school choice, religious freedom and being pro-life.

Well, Matt, champion is a Strong (cough, cough) word. Luckily for Ohioans, there is a simple way to find out if you are serious. Did you or did you not vote for removal of the ridiculous "duty to retreat"? After all, Governor Mike DeWine signed it. Yes, that Governor Mike DeWine, the one with the gun control agenda which he calls "Strong Ohio". If you voted "no" then you are to his left on gun rights and should probably quit posing as a champion.

Oh welp.

Matt Dolan is against gun rights. Matt Dolan is against your right to stand your ground and defend yourself. Matt Dolan does not understand the Second Amendment.

Honestly I would not vote for Dolan anyway since he purports to believe that something really extraordinarily terrible happened on January 6 in our nation's capital, which is nonsense. That is basically a disqualifier in my book. But it is good to point out that he is just a rich(*) poser on gun rights.

I'm supporting Josh Mandel for Ohio Senate; he is obviously the best in my book. But I guess a slap fight between rich boys Bernie Moreno and Matt Dolan would be entertaining.

(*) - His family owns the Cleveland Indians.