Thursday, January 21, 2010

For the record

I've been noticing a meme in the some conservative blogs/vlogs (RedState, PJTV, etc.) which seeks to establish an either-or dilemma for Senator-elect Brown's victory, i.e., they're pitting the GOP against the Tea Party movement. I have no desire to engage in armchair quarterbacking after such a stunning victory, nor do I wish to beat the dead horse of the GOP's faults or the dead pony of the Tea Party movement's blind spots. I merely want to point out that on the same day I heard about Scott Brown's rising poll numbers on the Michael Medved show I received a call from the National Republican Senatorial Committee asking for money for Brown. After verifying with them that every penny I contributed would be used to help him pull off a victory, I gave them my Visa card number. The idea that if Republican party officials don't show up with bullhorns then they shouldn't receive any credit is absurd, especially in a state like Massachusetts where independents and Democrats (22%) helped him to carry the day.

So we should give credit where credit is due. Yes, it's true that grassroots mobilizing was more on display in the race, especially in regards to the contrasting of homemade Brown signs and pickup trucks with Coakley's last-minute fundraiser in the Sonoma Wine Bar. But to the eager beavers who recently discovered politics, you might be surprised at the wealth of strategic information which can be provided by a large political organization like the GOP. Any candidate would be a fool not to take advantage of this affiliation and rely on their "ground game" alone. It's a both-and strategic alliance which hopefully will continue throughout the year and provide more victories in November.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Loser Lowlight from Coakley's Epic Fail of a Campaign

First, congrats to Scott Brown for pwning Coakley.

Now: here's what might constitute one of the lowest moments in the last several days for Martha Coakley. I heard it on Medved's show first; he put it to a hip-hop beat complete with a police whistle--hilarious.

"Remember the dream and act on it!" Zzzzzzz.... This reminds me of the sort of meaningless pap delivered with a vacant, passionless anger and belabored over-pronunciation (we speak English, OK?) that I've heard served up by sixty-something plainclothes nuns who are usually dressed in garb similar to Coakley's and are given a big moment to say something at Mass, sometimes in lieu of a proper homily delivered by the celebrant.

Great line at the end: "I know that all of you who are gathered here today to celebrate Martin Luther King also have made that commitment and understand how important it is that tomorrow we act on the dream and we make sure that we allow me to continue that work.... BECAUSE IT'S NOT ABOUT ME ANYMORE AND IT NEVER WAS...." Oh, is that too funny? Well, she's right. It's not about her anymore, lol.

Amazing Breakthrough in Polling Methods

John Zogby predicts Martha Coakley wiill win the Senate race.

This means the famous pollster has developed a method for polling dead people, namely the 116,483 dead folks registered to vote in Massachusetts.