Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rod, dedicate your Benedict Option book proceeds to Norcia

We shall surely know Rod Dreher as a good and decent Christian man when we hear the monks of the Monastery of St. Benedict in Norcia, Italy give their public thanks to him for having donated all proceeds of his Benedict Option book to rebuild their earthquake ravaged places of worship.

Not only do the monks feature prominently in the writing of Rod's current book for sale, but in his blog posts - heavily labeled with self-promotional "Benedict Option" tags - he informs us just how heartbreaking their situation is, from

Norcia: The Basilica Is Destroyed

Benedict Option


Every Church In Norcia Is Gone

Benedict Option


And yet, with preorders, Rod Dreher is already collecting a rich revenue stream from having used the monks of Norcia as living examples of the thesis he wishes to promulgate in that very same book.

Return their Christian charity and service to you, Rod, and pledge publicly to dedicate all proceeds from The Benedict Option to the rebuilding of Norcia and its churches.

Don't just use them and discard them when you're done with them as you did with Father Matthew Harrington, the Orthodox priest late of St. John the Theologian Mission in St. Francisville, abandoned destitute, penniless and unemployed, with an expensive special needs child to care for.

Do now for the monks of Norcia what you should have done then: instead of offering superficial, lip-service prayers, show you truly mean it by digging deep into the wealth you are piling on top of your million dollar Little Way book advance with the help of a roaring bull market and a savvy financial advisor like Chris Currin:

We most certainly didn’t have a lot of money to invest when we found Chris Currin. In part because of Chris Currin’s wise stewardship of our resources, we have significantly more to invest now.

So now, Rod, when you not only have significantly more to invest but also a new river of book sale proceeds beginning to flow in into that vast lake Chris Currin is husbanding for you, invest for awhile in God's works instead of Caesar's.

Publicly pledge that you will dedicate all proceeds from The Benedict Option to the rebuilding of Norcia and its churches.

This, in turn, can only help your book sales and thus help the monks even more.

Of course, I suppose you could spend it on food at Torchy's Tacos and other delicious things, as is your habit.

Benedict Option

But maybe, just maybe, this is the moment to think beyond your belly and put your money where your mouth is.Or where it should be.

Monday, October 31, 2016

But, Joe, you just did comment on Anthony Wiener

This is a truly, truly priceless video.

He obviously isn't keeping up with what is going on at this point. I'm not sure he ever was. He's nothing more than a Catholic token, hoping to be replaced by another Catholic token named Kaine. This remains my favorite photo of him.