Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rod Dreher Explains His Christian Principles

Appearances matter, politically.
Hmmm, let's see...which way are the winds of public opinion blowing today?

With friends like these [picture of Mike Huckabee], religious liberty needs no enemies

Now, let's keep in mind Rod Dreher is a blogger, pundit, memoirist, ::coughanonymouscatholicfifthcolumnistcough:: and, most recently, to help ends meet, a ghost writer, while frenemy of religious liberty Mike Huckabee is a magna cum laude college graduate, Baptist minister, former Governor of Arkansas, and former and current presidential candidate.

So clearly Huckabee's qualifications to speak on religious liberty and politics are not at all on a par with Rod's.

What I’m trying to get you to understand is how the Kim Davis thing looks to many people who don’t live inside your bubble. Appearances matter, politically.

Appearances also matter desperately if one is trying to beat the bushes to drum up support for one's signature Benedict Option, a proposition rooted ultimately in Christian hopelessness and despair about the world we live in.

A county clerk fighting back against a Supreme Court decision, even futilely, a social conservative running for the Presidency unapologetically as a social conservative - these things are like garlic to a vampire with respect to any sort of immediacy needed to drive interest in a book about your last, only Benedict Option.

As long as other Christians are taking a stand, any drehery Benedict Option dhimmitude is always something one can think about mañana.

Well, clearly mañana won't put any Benedict Option book wine and oysters into our ghost writer's belly any time soon, so just as clearly any blade of resistant grass that dares raise its head on the barren plains of Benedict Option despair can dependably count on being immediately Millmaned as thoroughly as possible.

Because, you know, appearances matter, politically.