Friday, February 8, 2013

Christopher Dorner: Latest Lefty Whack Job

Well, looky here. It turns out that Dorner is a liberal who has the hots for Hillary, Michelle Obama and Biden.

  • Dorner’s statements in support of gun control (“Who in there right mind needs a fucking silencer!!! who needs a freaking SBR AR15? No one”),
  • his attack on President Barack Obama’s critics (“You question his birth certificate, his educational and professional accomplishments, and his judeo-christian beliefs”),
  • his adoration of First Lady Michelle Obama’s hair (“I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama”),
  • his admiration for Joe Biden (“I’ve always been a fan of yours and consider you one of the few genuine and charismatic politicians”),
  • his support for Hillary Clinton (“You’ll make one hell of a president in 2016″),
  • his fondness for former President Bill Clinton (“He was always my favorite president”),
  • his confidence in San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (“He’s [good people] and I have faith and confidence in him”),
  • his love of MSNBC and CNN (“Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Viera, Tavis Smiley, and Anderson Cooper, keep up the great work and follow Cronkite’s lead”),
  • his criticism of the National Rifle Association (“Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you’re a vile and inhumane piece of shit”),
  • and his hatred of George Zimmerman (“Too bad Trayvon didn’t smash your skull completely open, Zim”).

We noted this earlier with a ho-hum, that these psycho-murderers tend to be on the political left. I mean in reality, not in the movies.

Here's Dorner's full remarks about Wayne LaPierre from his full manifesto:

Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you’re a vile and inhumane piece of shit. You never even showed 30 seconds of empathy for the children, teachers, and families of Sandy Hook. You deflected any type of blame/responsibility and directed it toward the influence of movies and the media. You are a failure of a human being. May all of your immediate and distant family die horrific deaths in front of you.

But I suppose you had "30 seconds of empathy" for the three people you murdered. Stay classy, freak, until you are apprehended or taken out.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learn how to fire a handgun

That's an order. The nice thing is that you don't have to buy a handgun in order to learn how to fire one. You can usually rent one at any range attached to a gun store. They will usually have an assortment including a 9mm, a .22, a 38 revolver, a 45, etc. All the common calibers. You'll probably have to give them your drivers license to hold onto and sign a sheet saying that you understand the rules and all, but there is no background check required, at least not in Ohio.

You could obviously start of by shooting something really small like a 22 caliber target pistol. But since you probably want to get a handgun for personal protection, I'd start with something bigger. The first handgun I ever fired was a 38 special "police-style" revolver like this one. A revolver is a nice gun to start with, easy to load—no magazines to mess with, and a box of 50 rounds of 38 FMJ cartridges is going to be about $21, or 42 cents per round. I like the models with a little bit longer barrels, especially for beginners. The nice man or lady at the counter will be very helpful if you have any questions. You'll also need ear and eye protection. Corrective lenses can count as eye protection, but unless you have big-ass Buddy Holly-looking frames, it's probably a good idea to get a nice pair of protective goggles. Don't forget to put on your ear protection before you enter the range.

I forget what handgun rental costs are exactly. I'm thinking around $15-25 per half hour. Obviously you can call ahead of time to find out. Also I think some ranges would let you try out a variety of handguns during one rental session, which usually is broken into half-hour increments. I go to a place in Lorain where the range costs are $8/half-hour, $10 on weekends.

For semi-automatics, I recommend trying out a Glock 9mm if you're ready for something with a little more recoil. Or of course you can check out some type of 1911 model like this Taurus -- I'm just partial to Glock. If you want something with a little less kick, check out a .380 ACP if they have one. I have one that Bersa makes, and I literally can't even feel the recoil from it if I pick it up and shoot it after I've been firing my Glock 40. I have a slightly funny story about purchasing it, but maybe later.

I don't consider myself an expert on any of this—just a serious student. I'm actually little more than a novice, and I know many people with more experience, practice and knowledge. But I know a lot more about it than many people I know, and I want those people to go from being completely uninitiated to becoming somewhat proficient with a handgun. You learn it by doing it, and I'm just pointing out an easy way to get going. Don't be afraid to ask anyone at the range how to hold and fire the weapon, where to put your left thumb, how to load the magazine, how to line the sites up, how to pull the trigger, etc. They'll be more than happy to show you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sign the petition to Defund Obamacare

Kasich Shows Political Cowardice

Unfortunately, I believe this is correct in its assessment of Kasich's action.

Whatever justifications Kasich may give, the actual explanation for his embrace of the Medicaid expansion is political cowardice. Chastened by his failed attempt at public sector union reform and Obama’s victory in the state, Kasich is up for reelection next year. And he’s afraid to stand up to the inevitable onslaught of attacks from Democrats who would charge that he was refusing to accept free money to bring health care to poor Ohioans. The end result is that a politician who ran for office claiming to have been “in the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party” is now actively embracing a policy that the Tea Party movement was born to oppose.

This should serve as a sober reminder to conservatives that no matter how big of a disaster Obamacare is when it’s implemented in 2014, the nation is almost certainly stuck with it. More broadly, it’s a demonstration of how difficult it is to defeat big government.

I'm disappointed in Kasich about this; I makes the whole tax-cut thing look like a bone he threw to the base. He is going to lose more support from this action than he gains. I fear Ed Fitzgerald will be a formidable opponent next year, and will skate to the state house and turn this whole state into Cuyahoga county. Yes, you should be shivering.