Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't know if this is Google bias or not

If you Google "potatoe" the results page has oodles of Dan Quayle references. There's no self-correction. On the other hand, Googling "Oiho" gives you the standard auto-correction, with the option to actually search on the Oiho misspelling which, at this point, yields 577,000 results.

My guess is that they are not going to relax their auto-correct to allow for this meme. At least not until the effect blows over. It is not cool to make fun of The Chosen One's many gaffes among the cool kids. Here's another good one from Free Republic's page:

There, I fixed it

Actually, I like the sound of "Oiho". Could be a chant in a Ramones tune.