Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Two blankets and a bookshelf...."

Yes--the Rave-ups, Positively Lost Me. Love this tune. "Then you lost my confidence." I remember being totally cheesed that Shut Up wasn't on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Cousin Vinny Kicks Godwin's Law's Ass

What if there actually is no real media bias? What if the very concept of media bias is merely a conservative construct? a perception of the imagination of us crazy right-wing "sheeple"? What if the explanation for why it seems like the mainstream media treats... oh.... Barack Obama, for example, better than Sarah Palin is the same reason that President Franklin D. Roosevelt gets higher marks from historians than Adolf Hitler?

Well, that's the point that our new friend Vinny is making here. He posits that there is an "objective basis" for why the media picked Kerry over Bush, Obama over McCain, etc. and that it is directly comparable to why a historian—or a normal person—might prefer national leaders who do not massacre millions of people in gas chambers.

After all, as Vinny argues, wouldn't it be absurd to assume that criticism of Hitler necessarily betrays some type of partisan bias? And as with Hitler, likewise with Bush or McCain?

What can I say to such... "logic", except welcome to our little party, Vinny. I hope you don't mind losing your first argument with us over on this post. Or maybe, like the Black Knight, you think it's "just a flesh wound". Stick around and we'll be careful not to let you "bite our legs off".